5 Home Repairs too Risky to DIY

 5 Home Repairs too Risky to DIY

Making home repairs and renovations is at the top of many homeowners’ lists currently. This uptick in renovations came at a time when people were spending long hours inside their homes in hopes to distance themselves from others and mediating the risk of contracting the Covid virus. With so much time spent in the home, homeowners faced the issues about their homes more often and found themselves no longer able to ignore making a change.

This led to an increase in demand for contractors and a difficulty for homeowners to be able to hire out work in a timely manner. So many homeowners turn to taking on home projects themselves both for repair purposes and making updates or changes so they would love their home even more.

There are some home repairs that are too risky to take on yourself if you are not already a professional yourself. It is a good idea to know which jobs are OK to take on and which are better left to a trained professional.

There is actually a high percentage of injuries treated by medical professionals due to accidents of homeowners making repairs themselves in their homes. While some of these are not major injuries there are some potential injuries that can be quite serious to take on a project without the proper skill set.

Here is a list of the top home repairs in your home you should always hire professional help for

Electrical work

While there may be some very small jobs that are considered within the electrical wheelhouse that can be done by a homeowner, there are many electrical jobs attempted every year within homes that should only be touched by a trained professional.

Most people do not realize that just 200 watts of electricity can cause a deadly injury to any human. There’s obviously the risk of electrical shock when working with the electrical systems in your home. Not only could it cause severe injury to a person not properly trained it could also lead to a house fire either at the time of repair or down the road from not realizing something was done improperly.

Working with natural gas

Dealing with natural gas is serious and delicate work that should always be left to an expert. The expert to call if you suspect a gas leak is a plumber, they are trained in locating these and correcting the issue. You want to check to ensure that the plumber you call is certified to work with gas lines. Not all plumbers have this training.

The natural gas used to heat homes or power certain appliances when leaking can cause carbon monoxide poisoning when inhaled for a long period of time. In some instances, it can be lethal. If a spark or flame comes in contact with the gas it can cause an explosion. These are major issues and as such should only be handled with the utmost care by a highly trained professional.

Plumbing Repairs

Some smaller plumbing issues may be okay to fix on your own, but it is good to be aware of what plumbing fixes require professional knowledge. If you have a clog that is not clearing, hot water not running, leaky pipes, or cold-water issues, it is time to call a plumber.

Trying to fix big plumbing issues on your own could lead to a larger issue of flooding or water damage. If it is discovered the problem is from DIY repair issues it might be difficult to get help from insurance.

Roof Repairs

Getting up on the roof is risky for anyone. Staying on the roof long enough to make repairs requires proper safety measures. This is why those who work for reputable roofing companies are expected to take safety courses and wear proper personal protective equipment. In almost all cases of homeowners making roof repairs on their own, the proper equipment is not used and this increases the risk of falling and sustaining serious injury.

Removing Walls

Anyone can knock down a wall, but they should first ask a trusted professional if it is safe to do so. It is not a good idea to decide that you would like to take out a wall without first making sure that the wall is not load-bearing. A load-bearing wall helps to support the overall structure of the home. Taking out a wall that is supporting other pieces of the home is very dangerous to the overall function of the home.

Additionally, you do not just want to tear into a wall that is not load-bearing. You want to make sure there are no other systems running through the wall like electricity or plumbing before you take a swing.

If you are unsure of how to approach a remodel or repair task in your home, it is always best to get the input of a professional first. Your home is one of your largest life investments, and you want to make sure you make changes in a safe manner that will not cost more money to fix in the long run.

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