30 Moving Tips to Make Your Relocation Super Easy

30 Moving Tips to Make Your Relocation Super Easy30 Moving Tips to Make Your Relocation Super Easy- Almost everyone hates to move but it’s an inevitable process that usually happens once or twice at least and anyone’s life. Finding little tips, tricks, and hacks to make the move easier will take so much stress off of your life. I’ve combined a list of 30 of the best moving and packing hacks out there. I hope it helps with your upcoming move. Read More about Relocating to St. George.

#1. Pack an overnight bag that contains all the essentials such as a change of clothing, electronic devices, medical records and personal documents.

#2. Pack what you will need first is one of the last things that you put in the truck. It’s also a good idea to put it into a clear plastic bin so that you can see exactly what’s in it and how to get to it.

#3. Save on bubblewrap by wrapping your breakable’s and dishes in clothing, towels, and linens.

#4. Pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks.

#5. Label every box as to what’s in it and what room it belongs in.

#6. Make separate piles for donations, throwaways, and keeps so that you’re not packing more than you need to to your new home.

#7. Planning your meals for the first week. Have meals prepped and planned out so that you don’t get stressed and end up eating pizza three nights in a row.

#8. Measure everything beforehand. There’s no point to bring furniture that just won’t fit.

#9. Keep moving supplies in a basket where you can easily reach tape, labels, pens, scissors and other supplies.

#10. Line boxes with trash bags just in case any cleaning supplies, bath products, or liquid spell.

#11. Fill pots and pans and crockpots with items so that there is no wasted space in every box.

#12. Use Ziploc bags for hardware such as nails, screws, and hardware to put together tables, beds, and chairs once you get to your new location.

#13. Take photos of the back of electronics so that you know how to plug everything back in in your new home.

#14. Use rolling luggage to pack heavy items.

#15. Look for used moving boxes instead of buying. Online marketplaces usually will have somebody that has just moved and is getting rid of all of their boxes. When you are done with them, you can do the same.

#16. Use laundry baskets and trash bins as boxes.

#17. Use plastic wrap to leave items such as utensils in organizers so that you don’t have to pack you simply have to unwrap.

#18. Invest in space bags to maximize your storage space and minimize the boxes.

#19. Put knives into oven mitts to prevent injuries.

#20. String electronic wires through paper towel rolls to avoid messes and tangles.

#21. Use rubber bands to prevent getting locked out. If you string a rubber band around one doorknob then cross it and wrap it around the other, the door won’t close by itself possibly locking you out.

#22. Put jewelry and egg cartons.

#23. Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together.

#24. Use a box cutter to make your own handles in your boxes by cutting openings, making it easier to carry.

#25. Pack placed vertically as they’ll be less likely to break.

#26. Keep drawers intact by wrapping the entire dresser with saran wrap or press and seal wrap.

#27. If anyone helps you move give them first dibs on anything you originally planned to sell or donate (along with a pizza and a beer possibly).

#28. Either use a color coding system for boxes or number them so that you know what boxes go where and you don’t have to read every single label as you’re pulling them out of the truck.

#29. Hire movers for big moves such as pianos and safes.

#30. Make sure your last grocery trip is about two weeks prior to moving so you won’t have to move a lot of perishable items or throw them away.

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This is a lot but even taking a few of these tips and hacks will make your move that much easier. Are you relocating to St. George? Give me a call. I’d love to find a perfect home for you or help you sell your current one.

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