4 Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

4 Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bills4 Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bills – Energy efficiency in a home is not just beneficial to the planet. It is also beneficial to the homeowner because a reduced amount of energy consumption translates to lower utility bills. And we could all probably use a lower energy bill right now.

Not all energy-efficient upgrades require expert installation or a large amount of money spent on a complete renovation. There are actually some very simple changes you can make as well to save money.

Whether they are large or fairly simple any energy-efficient changes can significantly impact monthly utility bills keeping more money in your pocket with the added bonus of a friendlier impact on the environment.

Here are some ways in which you can reduce energy consumption in your home and save money on your utility bills

Determine what areas in your home are using the most energy

There are some surprising culprits in your home that are consuming a lot of energy. Some of these are as simple as everyday electronic devices. You can start by simply unplugging a lot of these items to cut down on your electricity use. Even when an electronic is not on, it is still drawing power.

A great way to get a good read on which items in your home are consuming large amounts of energy is to get a home energy monitor that plugs into your electrical panel. It can provide details about electricity through a mobile app downloaded to your phone.

You can purchase these monitors simply online at retailers like Amazon or directly on the company’s website. The great thing about these devices is the app can show you how unplugging different devices or plugging other items in changes your wattage use.

Another way to determine what is consuming a lot of the energy in your home is with a plug-in kilowatt meter. It can help you to measure how much energy an individual appliance is using, like your refrigerator or computer.

Choose smaller machines for work and entertainment

As you’re at home more often and especially as some people continue to work remotely the items that you use to work and to entertain yourself, while at home have a big impact on energy usage. Choosing to use smaller electronic devices for these activities can help to significantly lower energy consumption.

Consider using a laptop instead of an entire desktop computer system. The laptop can be charged and then run on battery power for a significant amount of time, were as a desktop not only draws more power but needs to be continuously plugged in.

Get new lightbulbs

This isn’t a new concept, there have been energy-saving lightbulbs around for some time and in some areas, it is illegal to purchase old incandescent lightbulbs. But there are other ways that you can save energy through your lighting. LED bulbs and smart bulbs may be more expensive to purchase upfront but they will save a lot in energy consumption.

The smart bulb allows you to be able to turn lights off and on from anywhere as long as you have the technology downloaded to an app on your phone. So if you aren’t home you can check to see if lights have been left on and turn them off. You could also program them to turn off at certain times of the day when you know that no one will be using them or at times when no one is home.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows a homeowner to keep the temperature in every room of their home steadier and more consistent throughout the day. Instead of heating or cooling areas of the home that do not need it the thermostat helps to regulate areas to a certain temperature and will turn off your heating or cooling system once that temperature has been reached instead of running the system all day long.

These are a few of the very simple ways that you can instantly reduce your energy consumption and help lower your utility bills. There of course are many other ways including larger upgrades such as purchasing brand new appliances that are also helpful.

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