5 Things a Virtual Tour Won’t Show You

5 Things a Virtual Tour Won’t Show You

We are all doing nearly everything online these days and real estate, while it took a dip in April and May, has rebounded nicely in June due to low interest rates and people still needing to buy and sell a home. Enter virtual tours. While we had video tours and virtual tours in the past, they have never been more prevalent than right now. People need to see the home is much as possible before making the trip in person and most real estate agents are doing all they can to accommodate homebuyers today. However, a virtual tour won’t show you everything.

Here are five things a virtual tour won’t show you.

#1. Details.

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought it was amazing but then saw the same thing in person and saw all the tiny little flaws? The same goes for virtual tours. You might miss that scuff on the wall, nick in the ceiling, or peeling paint on the siding. Little details can definitely be looked over when viewing things through the lens of a camera. It’s important to ask your agent if you can do a face-to-face tour while they are actually in the house. Ask about the details, any little problem areas, repairs that might not be shown in the tour etc.

#2. The sounds.

Most prerecorded virtual tours will have some voiceover or music or even both. This prevents you from the actual sounds of the property when you are standing in the middle of the living room. Are there squeaky doors, barking dogs, the roar of a freeway nearby, train tracks, or an industrial area? Sounds can definitely be altered when viewing through the lens of the camera and a prerecorded virtual tour. If possible, have your real estate agent go to the property in person and take a video, possibly different times of the day so you get a sense of the sound before you see it in person.

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#3. The neighborhood.

If the only thing you see on a virtual tour is the exterior of the house and then everything else inside, you might be missing serious issues in the neighborhood. Does the neighbor next door consider themselves the local junkyard? Is this the nicest house on the block? Does a virtual tour just cut off the fact that the neighbor is encroaching onto this property with trash, fencing, or other items? Have your agent to tour the neighborhood as well and get a better sense of the entire neighborhood by either choosing the street view on Google maps or driving by the home by yourself.

#4. Inspection.

The home inspection will determine the condition of the heating and cooling system, mechanics, roof, foundation, electrical, and plumbing. This is vital to the home buying process. The virtual tour will only show you the best parts of the property so never neglect having a home inspection and try to accompany the inspector if allowed.

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#5. The smell.

We can’t see smells, obviously, so that musty smell in the basement, sewage smell in the backyard, or industrial mill smell outside will definitely go unnoticed in a virtual tour. Ask the agent about any unusual odors and a good agent will be very well versed in identifying particular odors such as animals, smoking, mildew, mold, and dust.

By asking certain questions you can get a better understanding of the property as a whole. If you’re looking for a virtual tour or would like me to do a specific tour on any home in St. George or Washington City, contact me today.

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