5 Things Real Estate Experts Try to Avoid in Their Own Homes

5 Things Real Estate Experts Try to Avoid in Their Own Homes – Real estate experts have seen many different styles and types of homes in their careers. So many so that some have strong opinions about certain items in homes that if they saw them it would be an instant deal-breaker. Here are some of the top items that real estate experts said they would never want in their personal homes.

5 Things Real Estate Experts Try to Avoid in Their Own Homes

5 Things Real Estate Experts Try to Avoid in Their Own Homes– Barn doors on bathrooms

Country chic or the modern farmhouse style is very popular and attractive for the last several years and continues to be a sought-after type of design in homes, the popular barn door should only be placed in certain areas of the home. A barn door is a plank board hung from a pair of pulleys that move along the wall due to this there is a gap between the door and the wall even when it is shut so to put one of these doors on a bathroom means that people can still see inside from certain angles. This is something to think about before putting one of those gorgeous country farm doors on a bathroom that is more public like one in a hallway then say one in the master bedroom.

– Floating staircases

“A floating staircase is a stairway designed without supports between the stair treads where your feet land making it look as if the steps are floating in air. These staircases do look really cool but they are not functional for homes with small children and pets or anybody with mobility issues as well as even someone with a fear of heights. Floating staircases are very beautiful but not completely practical for all types of living situations.” – Wheat Ridge Real Estate Expert Chuck Gonzalez

– Pot filler faucets

Some homes have gorgeous kitchens with gourmet features such as a pot filler faucet. A pot-filler faucet is a long-armed tall water spicket that is positioned behind the stove burners on the wall to fill large pots for making soup or pasta. According to some the pot filler faucet is very slow as compared to just filling up a large pot at the kitchen sink it also takes special care when it has to be fixed which will cost more money.

– Indoor pizza ovens

A large pizza oven sounds like a cool gourmet feature, but it also takes up a large amount of square footage inside of a home. If you really, really love a fresh woodfired pizza then it may be well worth the investment and the loss of floor space, however, you could still get a similar taste in other pizza cooking methods without the loss of floor space.

– Wallpaper

This one may come as a shock to some people as the wallpaper has seen a big resurgence in home-style lately. But even with the fanciest and beautiful wallpapers that go perfectly with an up-to-date design, wallpaper can be a bit more complicated to keep clean. You especially have to be careful with fancy beautiful wallpapers in homes where you have small children or really any children at all for that matter as the walls tend to need a scrubbing from time to time.

Is there an item in a home you have seen that you absolutely did not love, or would never want to see in a home you would purchase? It is always good to know what you do and don’t want in your next home.

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