6 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Homes Style

Re-designing a home can quickly become an expensive project when you think about all of the details. If you are working within a limited budget, don’t get overwhelmed, there are many ways to update and refresh your home. You may even find new uses for items already hanging out in your home. Pairing this with a few new budget-friendly items can really transform and freshen up your home.

Here are Some Small and Simple Low-Cost Ways to Make a Home Feel Fresh and Updated

6 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Homes StyleIndoor Plants

Adding a plant or two to a room is a good way to bring life into space. Plants add beauty and a pop of color to any room. Just be careful not to go overboard with it. You don’t want to create a jungle. Make sure to use pots that are neutral with a style that is the same as other decorations in the space and colors that are neutral and simple or complementary to items already in the room.


Just changing the entire color of a room can make it feel like an entirely different space. A fresh coat of paint doesn’t cost too much, especially if you do the painting yourself. Even if you just opt for a different shade of its current color, you can make a room come back to life and feel fresh and new.

New Window Treatments

It may not seem like it, but window treatments have a strong impact on a room’s style. The color, texture, pattern, type of fabric, and how they are hung will all make a big visual difference in a room. It is a great way to dramatically change a space without spending a ton of money.

You can make the ceilings in a room look taller by hanging your curtains at the top of the walls over the window. Just make sure the bottom of the curtains also skim the floor. Cotton, linen, and silk materials make a room feel more elegant.

6 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Homes StyleThrow Pillows

Throw pillows can, and instantly will, change the style and feel of any room. Experiment with colors and textures as well as patterns. Just make sure that you keep to a smaller color pallet when mixing patterns. You don’t want to overwhelm the eye it will begin to look too busy which translates to the pillows just being clutter.


There are several budget-friendly ways to add art that creates a style story to a room. You can paint something yourself, take some photos and have them printed, use pictures from calendars, old books, and magazines, search thrift and flea markets, etc. To keep the style cohesive and fresh frame items in the same color and style frames and use art with the same theme or colors.

Simplify the Furniture

It is not uncommon for many of us to be housing too much furniture in our space and usually an unsightly mish-mash of it. Weed out the un-needed and worn out items in your room. Keep things that truly work with and communicate the style you are going for and less furniture can make a space feel more spacious.

These are all great tips to bring a style refresh update to your home and also are great tips to help stage your home when selling it.

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