7 Smart Curb Appeal Tips In The Winter

7 Smart Curb Appeal Tips In The Winter7 Curb Appeal Tips In The Winter – Are you selling your home in the winter? This is the time of year that notoriously the real estate market slows down which can mean that it is difficult to find buyers, but if you market your home right, you may be surprised. Your home’s appearance is everything when buyers are first considering if they are interested or not. This can be difficult in the winter months. How can you boost your curb appeal when all of the trees are bare and the lawn is frozen over?

7 Curb Appeal Tips In The Winter

Icy Walkways

Even though it can be hard to keep up with the elements you want to make sure that your property is safe. Keep up with the ice build-up if temperatures outside are freezing your driveway or walkway. You want to prevent any potential accidents.


Even though your lawn is no longer green you want to keep it tidy by raking up leaves and any other debris brought by windy weather.


Your gutters accumulate a lot of leaves and debris so make sure they have been cleaned annually and the exterior of your home is not affected by buildup.


Without your luscious trees, your home can look pretty bare and visible which means you want to touch up your exterior paint in case there was any fading from the summer sun. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge visual difference in your home’s exterior display.


The days are shorter in the winter so you want to have good lighting outside to enhance the appeal of your home. Lighting your pathways and illuminating your front door adds a touch of elegance to your home.


As with any season be careful to not over decorate for a particular holiday. Not everyone celebrates what you elaborate so you want to go with classic winter decorations and keep it simple. Even if you are passionate about your Christmas decorations and think they make your home look amazing, this optimism might not be shared by your potential top-dollar buyer.


Using plants that are hearty in the winter months will liven up your landscape. Evergreen, pansies, or witch hazel work well in the colder times of the year.

Selling your home in the winter is not as difficult as you think it may be. Focus on the right things and enhance your curb appeal while working with the right agent. You might be surprised how well you do with the sale while competing with fewer homes on the market.

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