7 Things to Do in Zion National Park Besides Hiking

7 Things to Do in Zion National Park Besides HikingZion National Park near St. George is one of the most visited national parks in the country and it is easy to see why everyone wants to hang out here, its breathtakingly beautiful. It is most visited by hikers for the red canyon and amazing trails.

Angels Landing and The Narrows draw in countless hiking enthusiasts every year, but what if you just want to enjoy the park and you are not so much a fan of hiking or are physically unable to go on a long hike? What is there to do in Zion National Park?

Here are 7 Activities You Can Enjoy in Zion National Park That Aren’t Hiking:

Short Walks

Okay so this is like the baby activity of hiking, but it is still worth a mention. Nearly everyone can go on a short walk. There are a handful of really great short leisure walks you can take in the park. They still get you up close to some of the most amazing spots in the park. Some of the easiest hiking trails that are actually really walking trails include:

Pa’rus Trail: 3.5 miles roundtrip starting at the south campground along the Virgin River to Canyon Junction. The trail is paved making it ideal for every single person, even wheelchairs.

Riverside Walk: 2.2 mile paved trail at the Temple of Sinawa along Virgin River some spots are narrow though

Go on a Bike Ride

The Zion Canyon Scenic drive is a great spot to ride a bike all year long or hop on the Pa’rus paved trail. Many bikers like to take the park shuttle when the road is not open to cars from November to February to the end of the road and ride back to the visitor center. You can also rent bikes or take a cycling tour in the park

7 Things to Do in Zion National Park Besides HikingTake a Drive

The Mount Caramel Highway is a great place to get out and take a car ride. An activity that is very safe in these socially distant times we are in. The 12-mile highway connects the south and east entrances of the park. Driving this road is no boring activity with the switchbacks and mile long tunnel, plus the amazing scenery. Make sure to allow plenty of time to drive the road especially when you get to the tunnel. Don’t’ forget to stop along the road to just enjoy your surroundings.

Kolob Canyons

There are actually two sections to the Zion National Park and the Kolob Canyons is a lesser known sort of hidden gem to the park. Many people do not realize this part of the park exists. Kolob Canyons is 40 miles north of the Zion Canyon. The most amazing drive can be found in this section of the park. It is just 10 miles round trip from the visitor center to the Kolob Canyons viewpoint and it is one of the most beautiful drives you will ever take. The fact that the road will be nearly empty is a huge plus.

Get in a Helicopter

If you want to really take in all of the beauty of Zion National Park book a helicopter tour. You can’t take a flight directly over the park, but you will be able to fly over the perimeter which still allows you to see all of the expansive glory of the canyon.

Go Watch the Sunset over Watchman Peak

Stand on the Canyon Junction Bridge and watch the sun set (or rise if you are an early bird). As the sun sets from your viewpoint atop the bridge it will paint Watchman Peak in a fiery red-orange, an experience that is awe-filled.

Ride the Shuttles and Grab Lunch

There is a great shuttle that will do the driving through the canyon for you and when you are done with your ride you can enjoy lunch at the Zion Lodge.

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