8 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Not a Burglar Magnet

8 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Not a Burglar Magnet

I saw a lot of articles like this around the holidays because people are stealing packages off of porches more often than they ever have. But, we also have the technology to prevent those thefts like never before. But, just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that the criminals have taken a break as well. We don’t want to purposely set ourselves up for theft or damage and yet, we probably do a lot of these things we shouldn’t on a daily basis. I’d love to help you keep your home safe, your belongings safe, and give you a little more confidence in your security with these eight simple ways to make sure your home is not a burglar magnet.

#1. Stop telling people you are gone.

I know we’ve said this before but this doesn’t just mean on vacation. If you’re constantly posting social media status updates at work, people know that you’re not home. Especially if you do live videos away from your home during the middle of the day. Burglars won’t just come at night, though come when they know you’re not home.

#2. Get to know your neighbors.

If you haven’t already, it’s never a bad time to get to know your neighbors, even if you’ve been there for several years. Trust me, getting to know your neighbors and knowingly have your back when you’re not around, gives you a little bit of peace of mind. Of course, if you don’t like your neighbors or you don’t trust them, that may be a bad idea. However, most neighbors will look out for each other because it’s their neighborhood to and they want to know that you will have their back if need be as well.

#3. Trim hedges and trees away from the house.

If you have a lot of trees, bushes, or hedges that are an easy hiding spot for criminals, this can only be an invitation. Also, make sure there are no trees reaching to the second story that can be easily accessed as well.

#4. A dark yard.

A poorly lit yard is the perfect breeding ground for criminals. A good outdoor lighting systemout front will make it less likely that your home will be targeted. Consider motion sensor lighting especially for darker areas and places where criminals might hide or sneak into your house.

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#5. Don’t hide a key.

This is also another good reason to get to know your neighbors. Let them hold a key for you rather than hiding under the rock, and the outside light, or under the mat. You’re not fooling anybody.

#6. Don’t leave doors and windows open.

As we head into spring, leaving doors and windows open during the evening to allow for cool air flow sounds tempting, but a lot of times we forget that those windows are left open, which is just a boy is an invitation for people to crawl through. Plus, did you know that almost 70% of burglars enter your home through an open door? Let’s not make it that easy for them.

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#7. Secure sliding doors.

Keep that curtain rod or stick in the sliding track to prevent the door from sliding open. A lot of times kids and even homeowners can forget to lock sliding doors so having that extra protection in the track will make it impossible to easily slide open.

#8. Invest in technology.

There are so many different gadgets out there that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank and get a security system, but you can utilize some of the great inventions. The Ring® is a great invention for the front door and allows you to see who’s at your front door any time of the day and night from your phone whether you are home or not. Security cameras, alarm systems, and other monitoring devices are also a great option and the sign alone may deter a lot of would-be criminals.

Just implementing a few of these will help make your home most secure. Be smart in conversations and try not to divulge too much information about when you are not going to be home. I want your home to be a comforting and secure place and sometimes we have to implement some tactical ways to keep our homes safe.

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