America’s Worst Cities for Traffic

Traffic, traffic, traffic…what are America’s worst cities for traffic? Many people would say the worst traffic can be found in Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston, others would say Los Angeles or Atlanta. So, when you are looking to relocate, traffic might be a big factor in your move. Therefore, I have a list of America’s worst cities for traffic.

When visiting Intrix, a traffic data provider, I found a list of the nation’s top ten cities for worst traffic that is based on how many hours drivers spend on the roads in their idling cars.

America’s Worst Cities for Traffic:

10. Chicago, IL

9. Boston, MA

8. Austin, TX

7. Seattle, WA

6. Washington, DC

5. Bridgeport, CT

4. New York City, NY

3. San Francisco, CA

2. Los Angeles, CA

1. Honolulu, HI

Notice that St. George, UT did not make this list. Even with the continued growth in the area and more demand being placed on the transportation system, St. George is will not rank high when it comes to bad traffic.

With additional growth comes the need for more and improved transportation for roadways, bridges, traffic signals, public transit, bike paths and trails. Therefore, St. George continues to do active studies and projects that address the future of mobility needs in St. George, UT, which helps keep traffic down with ease to get around.

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