Awesome Kitchen Updates Bringing Life to Your Kitchen

Awesome Kitchen Updates Bringing Life to Your KitchenAwesome Kitchen Updates Bringing Life to Your Kitchen

Awesome kitchen updates that bring life to your kitchen is easier than you may think. The kitchen is the control center for most families. It is the hot spot for gathering and entertaining as well. So in most cases, when homeowners want to update something in their home, the kitchen is usually the first area on the list. Before the summer comes to a complete end, why not tackle some updates of your own? Some of these awesome kitchen updates and ideas may be exactly what you need. These simple yet stylish updates and ideas will have your kitchen looking awesome in no time.

Awesome Kitchen Updates – Tips to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

Soothing Kitchen Colors – Choose light yet soothing colors to help change things up a bit. You can do this for pennies on the dollar when compared to a whole new kitchen. Repaint your cabinets, walls and even accessories in lighter tones that are uplifting.

Vibrant Furniture – To help contrast your soothing colors, give your kitchen a bit of energy with vibrant colored furniture. Choose a few pieces of really colorful pieces of furniture such as chairs or stools. They will make a stylish yet striking statement. This is a new trend you will see in awesome kitchen updates.

Collection Displays – A great way to enhance open shelving is to display your collections. Collections also make excellent conversation pieces. So, if you have any treasured collections that you would like to display, use your open shelving areas to do it. They will now be front and center for everyone to see.

Add Texture – Some new trends in awesome kitchen updates include adding texture to small sections of walls to break things up a bit. And no, I do not mean wallpaper. Try adding white shiplap wood paneling behind some shelves to create a rustic charm. It also gives a coastal feel. You can run it vertically for a different look, or even diagonally. Just play with textures until you get what you want.

Colorful Backsplash – Go bold against stark white cabinets with a pop of colorful and bold backsplash. Bold colored backsplash adds sophistication and personality to bright white kitchens. You can enhance it even more by adding accessories and dishware in the same color as your backsplash.

Movie Star Glamorous – Let the movie star in you shine from your kitchen. Pick one wall to really reflect the movie star in you. Is your movie star neon green, hot pink, bright purple, fluorescent yellow? Pick your movie star color and paint one wall. Use a super high-gloss paint, topped with a few coats of clear varnish. When the lights bounce off it, it will truly shine.

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