Can Pets Affect the Sale of Your Property?

(And can they BE affected?)

You bet they can be affected but how affecting the sale of your property?

To a lot of pet owners, pets can be like family. They move with you, sleep with you, and are a comfort to you most of the time, so when your home goes on the market how do pets affect the sell and how does it affect the pets?

Can Pets Affect the Sale of Your Property?

How it Affects the Sale

The presence of pets can definitely affect your chances of selling, selling high, and selling fast. But there are many reasons why this could be the case. People may have a fear of pets, they could be allergic, or the smell could be overwhelming. So, what can you do?

It depends on what kind of pet you have. If you have a dog or dogs, it’s best to take them with you when you leave the house during a showing. Try to pack away or at least put up any evidence of having a dog including their food and water bowls, leashes, bedding, etc. This can be a little more difficult to do if you have a cat. Cats may not want to go with you in the car even for a few minutes and you could scare them. But, it’s important to put the litter box may be in the garage during a showing and make sure there’s no excess litter scattered about a bathroom or a laundry room. Try to remove all evidence of a cat or dog if you can.

What if the buyer is allergic? This can be an important factor and can be a consideration to potential buyers. Your agent may inform the buyer’s agent or the buyer is that there are pets in the house, especially if someone is violently allergic and could start having symptoms the minute they walk through the door.

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If you have multiple pets or big dogs that could be scary to some, it’s best to put them in the backyard with a note informing potential buyers that there is an aggressive pet in the backyard or simply take them with you. The last thing you want is any liability issues from potential buyers that could be fearful of pets.

But what if you have a different kind of animal?

Most people can overlook fish tanks but what if you have a large tank filled with a snake, reptile, or other not so common animals? Maybe you have a bird? The best thing to do if you have a tank is to cover it up during the showing. You might leave a note stating that you have a pet under the covers and not to disturb it. You can also throw a sheet or blanket over a birdcage during a showing, but the most important thing to remember is to have the space extremely clean. Clean tanks and cages before any showing so there’s no odor or excessive dirt and mess from the animal.

If you have an unconventional pet that might startle some people, it’s important to make note of that in the listing so that you don’t scare people away before they have a chance to look at the house.

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How can selling your property affect the pet?

“This can be a stressful time for pets as well. Cats and dogs especially can sense stress in a home. They may not understand why they’re leaving every other day for a showing but if you try to remain calm, they might as well. Pet stores sell mild sedatives in treats for dogs and cats, which can work especially if you have a very stressed animal. Talk to your veterinarian about the best way to approach selling a house and moving to a new home.” – John Kinnunen

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Pets can get stressed when new people enter the house, especially if their owners are not there. They may have a sense of protection and could get violent, even if they are not a violent animal. This is why it’s important to keep them with you, to remain as calm and relaxed as possible, and continually encourage them with treats or pets.

If you have other questions about specific animals or how to sell your home with pets give me a call. I specialize in the St. George and Hurricane Utah area to help you market your home as well as make all family members feel comfortable.

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