Cheap Ways to Give Your Home a High End Look

Many homeowners want the high end look when it comes to décor; however, once you buy a home, your budget can be too low to reach your goals. Therefore, I have found some cheap ways to give your home a high end look.

Get the high end look for less:

Try a trio – You can give any room that wow factor by using a trio of paneled art. This style has been getting more popular over the years and can put a big dent in your wallet if you buy the paneled art new. You can make your own for so much less by having art you like printed at your local printer. They will be able to print long prints for you. Cut the image out and place them in panel frames.

Go big – When you use an extra large area rug, your room will feel bigger. You can also tape together smaller rugs to achieve an extra large rug for less. Place mirrors behind your sofa and you have a larger room (at least by appearance).

Use less – You know the saying, “less is more”? Turns out, that is true when it comes to home décor. When decorating your home, don’t overcrowd your spaces. Add objects of various heights and color to give the room personality.

Be bold – Don’t be afraid to be bold. You should have a focal point in your room. You can create a focal point by using wall art that pops or by painting one wall a bold color. If you are artistic, you can create your own wall art on blank canvas. You can even ask your local art schools or colleges if any students would be interested in earning a little extra money. This can save you thousands.

Add flair – Get crazy with a textured accent wall. This can add warmth to your room and give you a polished look at the same time. If you are on a budget, just do one wall.

Try the unexpected – Make your own headboard for your bed out of old doors. You can use a pair of old doors to add to the visual weight of your bedroom. You will get a dreamy, airy look that will enhance any room.

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