Clean Now and Sell Later – Real Estate Tips

If you plan to put your home on the real estate market this spring, you should start cleaning now. In today’s real estate market your home will need to shine above all the other competition. Therefore, I’ve got some real estate tips to help you be completely ahead of the game.

Start at in the yard

February is a great month to cleanup your yard, clean out the gutters, trim the bushes, and repaint or power-wash the siding. Anything that looks worn or overly used should be removed. Your goal is to brighten up your yard. Try adding a new door mat and outdoor lighting.

February is also a good time for those living in Southern Utah to fertilize and weed the yard. This will help you get ahead on your spring work. And, a nice green lawn will definitely help you sell your homefaster.

The interior

Moving on to the interior of your home, you should consider a pre-listing inspection. Some companies like Paul Davis Restoration will do this for free. Once you know if any repairs are needed, you can begin removing all your excess items that clutter up your rooms. Pack away any items you don’t want lost, stolen or broken. Just remember, the more you put away, the bigger your homes rooms will look. If necessary, you can always rent a small storage space to put your extra belongings in until your home sells. For best results, declutter every room, even the closets.

Extra cleaning

Now it’s time to get down to the heavy cleaning. Once your clutter is out of the way, this will be an easy process. Get your carpets or area rugs professionally cleaned or replaced. Scrub your tile floors, and make your hardwood floors shine with a good wax job. And, don’t forget the baseboards, they need attention too. You may even want to consider repainting the inside of your home. However, if the paint is not old and can be cleaned, just give the walls a good scrubbing. If you do paint, remember to use neutral colors. Neutral colors please more buyers.

During the cleaning process, don’t forget the windows. This is one of the most forgotten things to clean around the house. Clean windows will allow more natural lightening in, which makes the room look cleaner and larger.

Before you place your home on the market, ask for advice from a real estate professional. A Realtor® will give you an honest opinion on the work you’ve done to your home. They can also help with the entire selling process.

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