Creating More Useable Space in Your Home Without Major Renovations

Creating More Useable Space in Your Home Without Major RenovationsCreating More Useable Space in Your Home Without Major Renovations – Home renovations are pricey and can be stressful as well as more time-consuming than originally planned. If you are hoping to add more space to your home it may feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place if you do not have the time or money (or ability to obtain permitted permission) to extend out a wall, add another room, or make a major conversion.

No need to fret, there are some ways to use clever design tricks and storage hacks so that it feels like your home is an entirely new space.

Creating More Useable Space in Your Home Without Major Renovations

Find Dead Zones and Bring them to Life

Look around the spaces that feel small and cramped in your home and assess them for any dead space. These are spaces that just sit empty or unused that could be converted into smart storage areas pretty easily.

The most common areas of dead space within a home include underneath staircases, corners, or even a closet that does not have an organizational system in it. It is also good to think about vertical space and utilizing your walls by hanging shelves.

Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Who says that an area of a room can only be used for one sole purpose? Creating flexible multi-purpose areas in the most used rooms of the home can help to feel like you have created an area for certain functions that have become frustrating.

For example: utilizing the eat-in breakfast bar for a homework station after school. Just make sure to limit the number of functions you expect space to be held for. If you have a guest room it might be useful for a workout space while you are not hosting guests. But turning it into a guest room, workout room, office, extra closet space, and, and, and, might not be the best idea. Using a room for all the things can make it feel like a chaotic stressful mess.

Make Use of items That Can Act as Temporary Walls

If you have a larger space with enough room to designate areas or a corner for another use and hope to have a little separation you could help the area feel like its own room with the creative use of temporary walls.

You could either go and purchase some screens or room dividers or you could simply use a tall piece of furniture or a bookshelf.

Make Use of the Space Near the Ceiling

“Think outside the box of placing everything on the floor and utilize the dead air space near the ceiling. This is a great strategy for rooms with taller ceilings or for bedrooms. In a bedroom, you could build a loft bed and use the space underneath for another bed or for a desk or play space.” – Tip from Keely Harris, Trophy Club Realtor®

Choose Furniture in a Better Size

Many times homeowners get caught up in purchasing large pieces of furniture that can fit more people and feel more comfortable without realizing they are instantly making their room feel smaller by limiting the amount of usable floor space. Make sure to purchase furniture with a scale that fits the room.

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