Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space in St George

When living in St. George, Utah, it’s easy to enjoy an outdoor living space all year. Therefore, I have some decorating ideas that can help you with your outdoor living space. First, you should realize that to create an extension of your favorite living space, a well designed addition will have an amazing effect on your home. There’s very little that’s more perfect than a place to entertain family and guests and enjoy nature than your very own outdoor living space.

When you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy an outdoor living space by surrounding yourself with tropical plants, bright colors and even stucco walls. An oversized umbrella ties the colors togetherand can give guests a place to visit in the shade. All this can be very budget friendly

When budget is not a big factor, you can divide you outdoor room into different areas to increase usability by creating a kitchen area, a dining spot, and a sitting area for good conversation. A long decorative table can easily divide the kitchen and sitting area while providing an ideal place for dinning. The table with break up the area and give you the chance to set the scene you are inspired to.

Structural elements take center stage in an outdoor living space. A curving wall can be used to dress up your space with bold patterns. Use printed or floral throw pillows to play off the tropical plants and a striped accent rug that can ground the sitting area. Don’t forget the lighting. Illuminate the space with paper lanterns that can be easily changed from season to season.

In the kitchen area, use countertops tiled with limestone in a natural stone color that can be used as a work space or bar area. Make sure the countertops slope slightly away from the house to allow moisture run off and prevent water from standing. If the kitchen area does not have overhead protection, you should keep this in mind when selecting your countertops and accessories. Also, make sure the surface can withstand heat and thaw cycles.

Your outdoor room is an open invitation for guests to relax and enjoy all your amenities from comfortable seating, the grill/kitchen area and the dining table while giving your guests plenty of room to move around and to enjoy the cozy feel, the plants and your lovely décor.

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