Decorating Your Home for Halloween

You may be thinking about decorating your home for Halloween since it’s just around the corner!  This is a post from last year that many people enjoyed so I thought it was worth re-blogging it with a few new additions.

It’s time for everyone to dress up as ghouls and goblins to scare those around us. It’s also time for you to show off your Halloween décor. Therefore, I have some do-it-yourself tips that you’ll be proud to show off to your family, friends and neighbors. Halloween is the perfect time for crafts that can really stand out.

DIY Halloween Décor Tips

* Make fun skeletons to hang from your trees, porch or light fixtures using gallon size milk jugs. My kids loved making these with their grandma when they were little! Here’s a website that shows you exactly how to do it….Milk Jug Skeletons  

* Fill a glass jar full of large marshmallows you’ve drawn ghost faces on with a Sharpie. We found a jar that had chalkboard on it so that you could write a message – we call them “Ghost Babies”

* Trick out the entrance of your home with old gardening hand tools. You can create a creep show of hands that your guests will not forget.

* Create a festive holiday entrance for your trick-or-treaters by using old food cans. Use old/recycled cans of various shapes and sizes to create a candlelight entrance.

* Create a giant spider or several giant spiders using inexpensive PVC pipe. You will need webbing to give it extra character.

* Turn your front door into a spooky entrance by creating a creepy knocker on your door. You just need faux bones, screws and black paint.

* Create a creepy door mat using a plain coir mat, a stencil template and black spray paint. Spray skeleton feet on the mat.

* Use your pumpkins to create Halloween luminaries. Drill holes all around the pumpkin and place colored lights inside to create a sophisticated jack-o’-lantern.

* Make your own gothic wreath. Use black spray paint, Styrofoam, and black cable ties. Use a black raven if you can find one for added creepiness.

* Place tombstones around your lawn to extend an unearthly welcome to Halloween.

* Use old clothes to make scarecrows. Take your old shirts and pants and stuff them with newspaper, wheat straw or plastic bags. A broom stick up the back will help support each scarecrow. Create the head with brown paper bags that you can add ears, mouth, eyes and nose to. A hat is the perfect item to top it all off.

* Create scary characters to loom in your windows. Use cardboard or heavy construction paper to cut out scary, life size characters. Your cut outs should be approximately 30 to 40 inches tall for a life like affect.

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