Easy and Interesting Cleaning Hacks

Easy and Interesting Cleaning HacksWe could all use a hack or two to make our busy lives just a bit easier. The internet is full of great hacks for all types of things. Below we have some great housekeeping hacks to keep your home cleaner and running more efficient.

Wrap paper towel around oil bottles to keep them free of drips.

This one is so simple and will have you saying “why didn’t I think of that!?” Simply grab a single paper towel, wrap it around your oil, and secure with a string or rubber band. Next time you go to grab your oil it won’t be a slippery yucky experience.

Clean a coffee grinder with uncooked white rice.

Grab a handful of uncooked white rice, drop it in your coffee grinder, turn it on and grind the rice then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Spray the freezer with cooking spray.

Prevent annoying layers of frost and ice buildup by spraying the inside with cooking spray.

Use plain white toothpaste to clean rings.

Use a new toothbrush and a small amount of non-gel white toothpaste to gently clean your diamond rings.

Use lemon furniture polish on shower doors.

Prevent water stains, soap scum buildup, and keep shower doors clean by spraying with lemon furniture polish.

Remove bathtub rings with grapefruit and salt.

Cut a grapefruit in half and dip the cut edge in salt. Use the salty grapefruit to scrub away that nasty ring around the tub. It is a great green cleaning solution.

Hide scratches in a hardwood floor with crayon.

Have a deep scratch in your hardwood floor? Use a similar colored crayon placed over the scratch and melted with a hair dryer to fill in the area. Wait 1 minute after melting and buff with a microfiber cloth.

Put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place in the vacuum filter.

Let your vacuum do double duty cleaning the floors and freshening the air at the same time. Place a cotton ball with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and place it in the vacuum filter to freshen your whole home.

Absorb freezer smells with newspaper.

Keep your freezer free of funky smells by lining shelves and drawers with newspaper.

Unclog drains with Alka-Seltzer.

Alka-Seltzer has a lot of citric acids which helps to loosen grime in drains.

Get rid of closet odor with an onion.

Cut an onion in half and put it in a shallow container and place in the closet next to stinky shoes to absorb bad smells overnight.

Easily clean liquid spills on hard surface floors with flour.

If you spill liquid on a hard surface floor just sprinkle it with some flour to stop it from spreading and absorb the moisture. Once absorbed simply sweep the spill away.

Clean toilets with mouthwash.

It is a great alternative to harsher chemical toilet cleaners and it won’t emit the strong fumes either.

Soak mops and sponges in salt water overnight.

Leave sponges and mops in warm salty water overnight to prevent them from filling up with bacteria.

Put a lemon peel in the dishwasher.

Save your lemon rinds and place them in the rack of the dishwasher. Your dishes will be a touch cleaner and have a great lemon scent.

Happy Cleaning!

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