Easy Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

When it comes to selling your home, you want the most you can get not the least. So after ten years of collecting real estate information on Zillow there is now an enormous amount of information on housing prices in their data base. From this information you can easily find what home projects can increase your home’s value. Therefore, I have found a few easy projects that can help you sell your home for more and faster than other homes in your area.

Tips to Increase your Home’s Value

Bathroom over Kitchen 

For years and years we have been told to redo the kitchen first to gain the most value. However, after crunching the available data and costs to redo the kitchen and bathroom, it is clear that a bathroom remodel will bring you more value to your home over a kitchen remodel.

A kitchen remodel is more about style while a bathroom remodel is more about functionality, which people are seeking over fashion. A moderate bathroom remodel of $3,000 can increase your home value $1.70+ on every dollar you spend on renovation. The more expensive bathroom upgrades over $10,000 won’t bring your value up that much and will only increase your home’s value $.87 on every dollar you spend on the upgrade. Clearly not giving you back what you put in.

Season for Selling

The home selling season is upon us. January and February are great times to list your home for sale, while June is the peak season for home sales. Many homeowners will list their home during the last two weeks of March for optimal exposure. However, many real estate agents will agree that listing your home toward the end of February will put you in a great place. Your home will be less likely to get overlooked in the masses of March listings.

The Magic Number to Price Your Home

Believe it or not, there is a magic number when it comes to pricing your home just right for a quick sale. The magic number ‘9’ is a huge benefit. Instead of pricing your home for $200,000, try pricing it for $199,900. You can end up making a few thousand more than if you priced it at an even number. While I’m not sure about the science behind the number 9, it does always show a faster home sale and the seller generally ends up selling for more.

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