Explore Mountain Wilderness at Pine Valley Recreation Area

The Pine Valley Recreation Area is full of mountain wilderness that sits in the shadows of the Pine Valley Mountains. You can access the recreation area via the Santa Clara Walkway, a paved walkway in the Dixie National Forest. This family friendly path follows the river and covers everything from the pay station to the campgrounds all that’s within.

Just 45 short minutes from St. George UT lies the Pine Valley Recreation Area. The elevation tops off at 6,900 feet and provides a huge, welcoming spot for your spring and summer activities. You can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, nature viewing, camping and more. There has also been major changes to the recreation area recently, which now boasts new picnic areas, a new walking trail, new campgrounds, a bridge connecting the reservoir dam to the south shore fishing area.

About the Santa Clara River Walkway

The walkway itself is a paved winding trail that winds through the forest, crosses bridges and provides stunning views of the mountains, wildlife, trees and water ways. And, if needed you can access the walkway at several different locations.

You can also access the walkway in wheelchair. They easily fit the wide paved trail that has little elevation changes. The walkway is perfect for strollers too. Therefore, if you have small children, senior citizens or disabled in your family, you will have no worries. There are also several resting benches places strategically along the walkway.

Wildlife in the area includes several bird varieties, squirrels, deer, chipmunks, and lots of fish. The ideal season to come enjoy the recreation area is spring and summer. Summer is the most popular time of year between May and October. During the winter, some roads can become impassable.

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