Features You Might Not Realize You Want in Your Home for Retirement

Retire homeAs you begin house hunting for the home you will live in during your retirement years, you may realize that the wish list you come up with is different from the last time you were searching for a home. Perhaps as you look at homes for sale in St. George you are now an empty nester, you have a different budget to work with, or aging in place has become a priority. Whatever your unique scenario, we want to help you consider features that you may want to include on your list of must-haves.

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Making your house hunting wish list for retirement? Consider these sometimes overlooked features. 

Single Level Floor Plan

If you are healthy, active, and mobile, you may not think limiting your home choices to single story layouts is important. While it's not necessary for everyone, many people find that they are happy they chose a single story home for their golden years. 

Opting for a home with a single-level floor plan can offer significant benefits for retirees, particularly those with plans for aging in place. Single-level living eliminates the need to navigate stairs, making it easier to move around the home and reducing the risk of falls or accidents, especially while recovering from surgeries or getting older. Additionally, single-level homes often feature wider hallways and doorways, making them more wheelchair-friendly and accommodating.

"Our clients are often happiest with their home purchase when they keep the future in mind. Even if stairs aren't an issue now, you don't want to end up in a home that doesn't work for you a few years down the road and need to unexpectedly move again." -Erika Rogers, Red Rock Real Estate

Low Maintenance Exterior

St. George is filled with gorgeous properties that will allow you to take advantage of the views and climate with a sprawling outdoor space. These properties are appealing for many buyers, but the maintenance required might not be the right fit for you, so take some time to consider the resources you want to put toward exterior maintenance. 

As you transition into you golden years, you may prefer to spend less time and effort on home maintenance and upkeep. Choosing a home with a low-maintenance exterior, such as vinyl siding, metal roofing, and drought-resistant landscaping, can help minimize the time and expense associated with exterior maintenance tasks like painting, repairs, and landscaping. This allows you to focus more on enjoying your retirement and less on property maintenance.

You may also consider a condo or townhome instead of a home with a large outdoor space, especially because these communities often mean not having to deal with any exterior maintenance. The HOA in a condo or townhome community generally handles landscaping, roof repairs, and other exterior care.

Universal Design

Incorporating universal design features into the home can enhance accessibility, safety, and comfort for retirees of all ages and abilities. Examples of universal design features include lever-style door handles, rocker light switches, grab bars in bathrooms, walk-in showers with zero-threshold entries, and adjustable-height countertops. These features not only make the home more user-friendly for you but also ensure that it remains functional and accommodating as your needs change over time. This is one of the keys to aging in place.

Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure mentioned thinking about what will be different when you're older. He provided some helpful guidance:

"As we age, our ability to do specific tasks becomes more challenging. This is especially true for those who have health concerns. One of the things some people should be thinking about is the home they live in. Of course, the most basic is finding a house with a first-floor master bedroom, but that should not be the only concern.

Savvy buyers are looking for other conveniences. For example, a walk-in shower with no lips or bars helps you get up and down in a bathroom. Wider doorways are an excellent option if you think you could be in a wheelchair later in life

The most vital consideration is finding the right retirement community you will love with other like-minded people. It is essential to think about finding a home where all the activities you love are provided.

Do you enjoy game nights or fitness classes? Do you golf? How about swimming? The best part of 55-plus housing is having a sense of community with others who enjoy the same things in retirement as you do."

Proximity to Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare becomes increasingly important as you enter your retirement years, so proximity to medical facilities and healthcare services should be a priority when choosing a home. Look for neighborhoods with nearby hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, and specialists to ensure prompt medical attention and convenient access to healthcare resources when needed.

I know for myself that ailing parents need a good place to live close to their desired healthcare. Being too far means they can't get where they need to be fast and may need to resort to costly transportation, which is usually out of their budget.

Community Amenities

Remember that finding the right home is about more than just the property itself, but also the neighborhood. Look for age-friendly amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, walking trails, community centers, and social activities tailored to retirees. Access to these amenities can promote an active and fulfilling lifestyle, foster social connections, and enhance overall well-being during retirement. You might find that an active adult community is ideal for you, or perhaps a golf course community. We can help you narrow your search to find homes in the right community for you.

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