Get Back to Work Faster in Utah than Any Other State

You can get back to work faster in Utah than any other state in the US.  New data shows that Utah is the 49th lowest in the US for the length of time residents collect unemployment insurance benefits. The average unemployment duration rate for the US is currently 14.4 weeks. However, the unemployment duration rate in Southern Utah is 13.2 weeks. That’s over a week less that the national average.

Southern Utah is made up of Washington County, Cedar City, Garfield County, Beaver, Kane County, Kanab, Junction, and Kanab. Therefore, if you live in the Southern Utah area and lose your job, keep your head up, you will get back to work faster in the area than any other state in the US.

As Utah pushes towards its goal of 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days, less Utahns will be looking for work and employers will find the qualified workers they are looking for. This also helps lower the unemployment insurance taxes that employers have to pay. It has also been reported by the Utah Department of Workforce Services that it will pay out the smallest amount of unemployment benefits since November 2008.

The US Department of Labor has even recognized the Utah Department of Workforce Services for their management and innovative strategies of the unemployment program. Connecting claimants with jobs has been their top priority. The short duration rate for unemployment in Utah has also helped over 85,000 businesses save on unemployment insurance premiums this year.

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