Get Paid to Help Control Predators in St. George, UT

Get paid to help control predators in and around St. George, UT. Yes, you read that correctly. You can help control the state’s coyote populations and make money doing it. This is a new program in Utah by Predator Control.

The Predator Control Program is in the process of registering participants. So, if you want to help the Utah’s deer herds and make some extra money, you can do so by taking coyotes. There will be an online training course when you register. You can find the online registration and training at There is also no cost to register, and once you register, you will get $50 for every coyote you take for the program.

So, why take a coyote? Mule deer fawns are the coyote’s main prey. Therefore, to give deer fawns the best protection, coyotes should be taken to another location during certain times of the year to give the mule deer fawns the best possible chance of survival.

St. George, UT is one of the best areas to take coyotes. It will help reduce the chance of fawns being killed by coyotes when they are released again. Compensation for taken coyotes will be issued after September 1st.

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