Give Your Small St George Utah Bedroom a Spacious Feel

Many people dream of more space in their small bedroom, it’s a problem many American families face in small homes and apartments. Homeowners in St  George Utah are faced with the same problem…..Therefore, I have found some ways that can help you have a more spacious feel in your small bedroom.

Since you can’t add square footage to your bedroom, you can easily adapt a few plans that will make your room appear larger than what it actually is. These simple tips help you be happy with your small room.

* The Bed – Don’t use headboards or footboards on your bed. This can help you have up to 1 foot of extra space.

* Keep it Clean – Your room will feel much smaller when there is clutter everywhere. Therefore, de-cluttering your space and keeping it clean will help you maximize your floor space. This tip also gives you room to maneuver.

* Use Paint – You can give your room a higher feel, instantly, by painting the ceiling a lighter color.

* The Right Furniture – Buy the right furniture for your room. Measure the floor space to decide what size furniture will best fit your room without overfilling it. Avoid curved furniture because they take up more walking space than flat items do. Instead of table lamps, use wall mounted fixtures.

* Decorate Simply – Keep your decorations simple. Don’t use blankets or comforters with bold patterns because they will draw too much attention to your largest piece of furniture. Light décor with small patterns will create a lager feel.

* Go Flat – If you need a TV in your room, get a flat screen that you can mount to the wall. This will leave your dresser with more space.

* A Focal Point – You can use art to create a focal point in the room. Try hanging one large piece of art above your bed. This will also help draw attention away from the small size of the room.

This bedroom makeover information is brought to you by: Erika Rogers – your real estate resource for St. George, UT and surrounding communities.

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