Home Buying Tips: Important Questions to Ask

When looking for your next home you will probably have several questions that you will ask your Realtor®. How big is the house, how many bedrooms, how many baths are all top questions for homebuyers. However, there are other questions that many buyers don’t think to ask; therefore, I have a list of important questions you should ask before buying a home.

Important questions to ask before you buy:

Do offenders live nearby?

In most every state offenders are required to by law to register their home address with the local law enforcement. You can find all registered sex offenders on familywatchdog.us, which is a national registry. Just type your address in the search and it will show you everyone in your town that is a registered offender. These offences range from violence to drugs to sex offenders.

During your search, don’t panic when you find offenders near you or the home you are looking to buy. The reality is that even upscale communities have offenders living in them. You goal here is to be educated on who is living nearby and what their offence was. These registers are created to empower the public by giving the correct information about their neighbors.

Were drugs ever made in the home?

Believe it or not, a homemade drug lab or meth lab can be very dangerous to your health. The toxins that soak into the walls can cause severe health problems. So, if the home was ever used as a drug lab, the seller must disclose this information to you. However, you will see cases where the home was foreclosed on and the bank may not know this information. In cases like this, you can simply go to the local authorities and ask them. They will know this important information.

Crimes in area?

You search crimes in the area at crimestoppers.com or crimereports.com. They both has a detailed list of crimes and crime patterns in every community across the nation. These tools help give you the information you need to know before you buy a home.

Are there anti-crime features in the home?

If there is very little crime in the area and you still want to pursue the home purchase, ask if there are any anti-crime features in the home like an alarm system or security bars, motion sensed lighting, or video monitoring.

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