Home Buying Tips – Things to Think About When on a Budget

Home buying tips for saving on a budget when it comes to buying a home are very helpful.  Usually, when new home buyers look that they can afford, they are thinking about all the expenses that come with homeownership.  While it is a great investment to buy a home, there are a lot of other costs that renters don’t have to worry about paying.  Therefore, I have some home buying tips that will show you some things you should think about if you are a buyer on a budget.

Essentials – There are some items that you must save for that need to be factored in when buying a home.  Think about the following items when you are ready to buy and make sure you can set a little aside for them.

* Emergency home repairs

* Emergency car repairs

* Religious tithes

* Credit debts, etc.

The list can go on and on.  Sit down and think about what you must pay each month that cannot be skimped on.

Non-Essentials – Now that the recession is over, many people have started spending money on non-essential items like theme parks, hair and nails, events and more.  If you are one that must have season tickets to your favorite sports games, you should factor those costs to your monthly debt.  If you are a woman that must have her hair and nails done every six weeks, figure those costs too. Your goal is to not over extend your budget just because there are certain things you feel you can’t do without.

Should Have Essentials – There are things you have to have, things you want to have and things you should have.  When you own a home it is considered an investment.  You may also want to think about other investments like life insurance, 401K, budget workshops and other investments that can help your finances grow.  Everyone should have a nest egg when they get ready to retire.

Child Essentials – If you have children you will need to think about how much you spend on them each year for school clothing, shoes, supplies and extracurricular activities.  When they are ready for college you will need to consider how much it will cost out of pocket even if they qualify for scholarships.  College can be very expensive and you want your student to get the best education.

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