How To Research An HOA & CC&R’S

How To Research An HOA & CC&R’S

How To Research An HOA & CC&R’S – As you are looking to buy a home, you may be in a community with an HOA and CC&R bylaws. You want to have a full understanding of what these are before your purchase a home and move in. Depending on the community, the things you want to do to your home can be greatly affected by HOA approval and what the bylaws are. First, as a starting point, see the Basic Governing Documents of an HOA. Let’s look at how to review these and other relevant documents.

How To Research An HOA & CC&R’S

Get Copies

To familiarize yourself with what you will need to abide by owning property in a specific developmentthen you will want to request copies of everything. Your agent can help you with this. You want to ask for copies of all of the following.

  1. Articles of incorporation
  2. Bylaws
  3. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
  4. Rules and regulations
  5. A statement of the current periodic assessment amount
  6. Copies of the financial records of the association
  7. Copies of the association’s meeting minutes from the past year or two.

Articles Of Incorporation

Make sure you at least glance through the articles of incorporation that give information about the association. The regulations are found in the bylaws and this is important to review so you understand all of the restrictions. Bylaws usually describe voting rights, meeting requirements, budget, and assessment procedures. Associations are run by directors and the bylaws specify what the board should look like.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

The CC&Rs are what contain detailed information about the development. If you decide to become an owner in development then you agree to abide by the rules in the CC&Rs. If you are looking to purchase as a rental, you want to make sure that you are allowed to do that. Some CC&Rs do not allow owners to rent out their homes.

Rules and Regulations

This is a separate document that not all HOAs have. These are typically more detailed restrictions. You usually see these apply when it comes to the use of common areas. Typically noted are the times of use and quiet hours. You also will read regulations regarding your landscape and parking restrictions. In some cases, there are restrictions to the length of stay for guests as well.

In Conclusion

At times all of these documents can feel overwhelming, but many desire a lifestyle with this kind of order. You want a full picture of what to expect before purchasing a home, especially one in a community with an HOA. This is why it is so important to work with a trusted and experienced realtor. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the St. George areacontact me. I would love you assist you with all of your real estate needs.

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