How to Sell to a Specific Market

How to Sell to a Specific Market – You might think that when it comes to selling your house you want the widest target audience possible, but is that realistic? While we can’t discriminate over buyers, we can stage and present our homes with a particular buyer in mind. I mean, a home with two or three darling bedrooms for kids definitely speaks to a family rather than a home with an ADA handicap ramp out front in a retirement community. While we’re not discriminating against anyone, you can set up your home to appeal to a specific type of buyer. Here’s the different type of buyers you’re likely to target.

How to Sell to a Specific Market

How to Sell to a Specific MarketMillennial’s

When you’re trying to attract millennial buyers, you need to appeal to what attracts them such as smart technology, modern design, and detailed staging to give them a visual on how they could live in the space. This is not their grandmothers home; they don’t want flowery wallpaper, knickknacks, and old photos on the wall.

Young families

If you have the perfect home for young families perhaps because you have enough room for several children or you’re in a great school district, you can appeal to those buyers by setting up a beautiful nursery, focusing on the playgrounds that in the backyard, or even offering a handout of local school information such as preschools and recommended daycares. Not only will you appeal to this type of buyer but it will make your home more memorable as well.

How to Sell to a Specific MarketRetirees

Many baby boomers are either retired or reaching retirement age and they are quickly becoming empty-nesters. Focusing on a house with many bedrooms is just not that appealing to this type of buyer. They’re looking to downsize so a small, single-story, two or three bedroom home may be ideal. This is a great opportunity to stage your home as a magnet for this demographic. A first-floor master suite is ideal or even a guest bedroom that could be turned into a master.

How to Sell to a Specific MarketMultigenerational

If the home features a great mother-in-law space or low maintenance features such as a low maintenance yard, energy-efficient windows, lower heating bills, or even a home warranty, it can appeal to people who are either living with aging parents or parents that are living with adult children.

You can see how well not being discriminatory, we are setting up our home and staging it for a specific buyer. Take a look at the benefits your existing home have and which direction we can focus on. By appealing to that buyer, you’re more likely to sell it sooner and for a better profit.

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