Is a Master Planned Community in St. George Right for Me?

Is a Master Planned Community in St. George Right for Me?When you're looking to buy a home in St. George, the home itself is only part of the equation. The community in which it is located is just as important as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the price, or the layout of the property. St. George features a handful of different master planned communities that offer a distinct lifestyle and they might be the right fit for you. Here's how to narrow your search to find the right community for you in your house hunting journey in St. George. 

I contacted real estate professional Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure to get a broader perspective on master-planned communities. Bill has tons of experience in the real estate industry, so his viewpoint would be worthwhile. Here is what he had to say:

"Like most things, there are pros and cons to master-planned communities. The upsides outweigh the downsides. An MPC often includes amenities like parks, gyms, pools, and shopping centers, offering convenience and entertainment close to home. The homes are designed with cohesive architectural styles and landscaping, contributing to a visually appealing environment. They are usually gated and have security, making them safer places to live. Many have community events, clubs, and facilities that owners can enjoy to build bonds with their neighbors. All of these perks typically lead to higher desirability and property values.

Several factors contribute to the downsides. You pay a price for having these things. The added amenities, security, and infrastructure often translate to higher property prices and homeowners' association (HOA) fees. You will also need to follow the association rules, which you may not like. Sometimes, property styles can be monotonous and need more diversity. The same can be said for those who own the homes - there can be a lack of cultural and socio-economic diversity, making them less inclusive. These communities are often built in suburban areas, which may lead to longer commutes for work or other urban amenities."

Pros and Cons of a Master Planned Community

As with any location, there are pros and cons that go along with living in a master planned community, and then there are some things that could be a benefit or a drawback for you depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Here are some to consider. 


  • Amenities: Master-planned communities often come with a wide range of amenities and facilities designed to enhance residents' quality of life.
  • Community: Master-planned communities are often designed with a focus on fostering a sense of community among residents. Common areas, community events, clubs, and social activities can help residents connect with their neighbors and build relationships.
  • Maintenance: Many master-planned communities have homeowners' associations (HOAs) that are responsible for maintaining common areas, landscaping, and infrastructure within the community.
  • Development: Master-planned communities are carefully planned and developed with a cohesive vision, taking into account factors such as land use, zoning, architecture, and landscaping. This can result in a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing environment that enhances the overall living experience for residents.
  • Security: Master-planned communities often prioritize security and safety measures, such as gated entrances, security patrols, and surveillance systems.


  • HOAsWhile HOAs can provide valuable services and amenities, they also come with fees and regulations that homeowners are required to adhere to. HOA fees can vary widely depending on the community and cover expenses such as maintenance, landscaping, insurance, and amenities. Additionally, HOA regulations may impose restrictions on things like exterior home modifications, parking, landscaping, and noise levels, which may not appeal to all homeowners.
  • Limited privacy: With amenities and common areas designed for communal use, master-planned communities may have less privacy compared to traditional neighborhoods.
  • Uniform aesthetic: Master-planned communities often feature homes with similar architectural styles and floor plans, resulting in a uniform appearance throughout the neighborhood.

Master Planned Communities in St. George

St. George is known for its stunning natural landscapes, outdoor recreation, and vibrant community. Over the years, the city has seen significant growth, leading to the development of several master-planned communities that offer residents a unique blend of amenities, convenience, and quality of life. These are some notable master-planned communities in St. George that you might want to explore:


SunRiver is a premier active adult community designed for residents aged 55 and older. It's no secret that St. George is one of the best places to retire, and a neighborhood like this makes it even better.

Situated in the scenic southern outskirts of St. George, SunRiver offers resort-style living with a wide range of amenities and activities tailored to active seniors. The community features an 18-hole championship golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, tennis courts, pickleball courts, walking trails, and a clubhouse with social events and activities. SunRiver offers a variety of home styles, including single-family homes, attached villas, and cottages, with options for customization to suit individual preferences.

The Ledges

Nestled against the red rock cliffs of Snow Canyon State Park, The Ledges is a luxury master-planned community offering upscale living in a breathtaking setting. The centerpiece of the community is the 18-hole championship golf course designed by Matt Dye, which winds through rugged desert terrain with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

In addition to golf, residents of The Ledges enjoy access to a clubhouse with dining options, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and hiking and biking trails. The community features custom-built luxury homes with spacious floor plans and high-end finishes, as well as custom homesites for those looking to build their dream home.

Stone Cliff

Perched on a hillside overlooking St. George, Stone Cliff is an exclusive gated community offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding red rock landscapes. The community features custom-built luxury homes with spacious floor plans, high-end finishes, and private swimming pools. Stone Cliff amenities include a clubhouse with fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and walking trails. Residents of Stone Cliff enjoy a tranquil and secluded setting, yet are just minutes away from downtown St. George and its amenities.

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