Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When it comes to changing up your kitchen’s style, I have some tips that can make your kitchen pop with color and liven things up. Don’t let your kitchen lack personality any longer. Just remember, if you are selling your home, neutral is always best.

Kitchen Makeover Tips

Bright Backsplash – You can add color to your backsplash that will make a big statement. Cabinets in pale color goes well with bright backsplash.

Hearty Red – Transform your kitchen to an edgy area with red cabinets and white washed flooring.

Bold Ceiling – Paint your ceiling your favorite color, use cleaned lined furniture, paint cabinets white and you have a playful space for entertaining and cooking.

Vivid Contrast – Light colors like lemon yellow are a great offset to black and white checker pattern floors. It makes the room fun and energetic.

Retro Hues – Go retro with a mix of bright and pale colors. Add more color to the area with décor such as colorful glasses, vases or glass bottles. Various Colors – Create a really fun area with variations of colors. Get creative by using colors in your homes décor that are cheerful. Use granite countertops to create a sense of sophistication.

Country Colors – Go for the country kitchen look with by painting your cabinets and drawers in bold colors paired with simple coordinating color curtains. If you have open shelving, add bold paints to them in a coordinating colors to make them pop.

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