Learn About the Biggest and the Best St. George Geology

You can now learn more about the biggest and the best in St. George, UT geology.  Have you lived in or visited St. George and wondered why the tops of the mesas are covered in lava, or where the edge of the Colorado Plateau is?  St. George, UT can be described as the largest open/outdoor geology museum in existence.  And now you can get all your answers at the new display that opens December 5th at the Dinosaur Discover at Johnson Farm.

The new exhibit called “St. George Rocks – Our Local Geology” is hosted by the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce. The geology in the area goes well beyond Snow Canyon and Zion National Park and has a world record for the “biggest and best” in geology. You will find the world’s biggest sand dunes, the biggest single dinosaur track block at 52,000 lbs, and the biggest laccolith.

The Dinosaur Discovery site contains the greatest collection of dinosaur tracks in the world even though it was discovered just a dozen years ago. So, if you are interested in St. George’s geology, come out to view the exhibit.  The exhibit opens on December 5th at 2180 East Riverside Dr. in St. George.

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