Let’s Talk About Clean Air this Fall in St George Ut

Let’s Talk About Clean Air this Fall in St George UtLet’s Talk Clean Air in St George Ut! Often wonder how clean the air you are breathing in is? The fall season is rolling in right here in St George. Therefore, it’s a great time to talk about what we are breathing in on a daily basis within our homes. As you may know, the air circulating around your home from the air vents has been forced by your HVAC unit. This allows for air conditioning and/or heat to be delivered into various rooms of your home. There is a system of air ducts that the warm or cool air must go through to get delivered. These ducts tend to collect gross particles such as dander, pet hair, cobwebs and of course, dust. Sure doesn’t sound like clean air.

This sounds not only gross, but worry-some. We dust our houses and vacuum our floors to keep our living spaces clean throughout the year. But have we ever thought about what is on the inside of our walls and how harmful it can be?

How harmful is Our Air?

Now that you are officially grossed out as you may be sitting at home reading this. There is a little relief. Our bodies are capable of handling a lot of germs! National Air Duct Cleaners Association experts actually say that having cleaning air ducts has not proven to improve the air quality in your home. St George Ut, you can breathe even if the air is not as clean as you’d like it to be. You may have never thought about this before or if you are a germ-fanatic the idea may haunt you. However, no need to start worrying now and feel the need to spend the extra money to get your air ducts cleaned.

When to Consider Getting Air Ducts Cleaned

If you do have severe allergies, a low immune system, or have completed a construction project at home, you may want to consider it.  Also, leaky ducts can allow for extra dirt to get in maybe from your crawlspace, garage, basement, or even attic. It is a simple fix using foil-backed duct tape and insulation. Other than that, rest at ease and focus on the inside of your home versus the inside of the walls.

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