Lighting Options: From Dreary to Dynamic with Lights

Lighting Options: From Dreary to Dynamic with LightsWith so many lighting options available these days, it is now so easy to turn your home from dreary to dynamic with the effects of lights. You can add interest to any room in your home, make the room look bigger, brighten a room or dim a room with the right lighting options and techniques. These simple tips and tricks can help you just like a pro.

Lighting Options:

Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting will give any room a much bigger feel. Recessed lighting is an attractive lighting options that is installed flush with the surface. This type of lighting is also easily hidden from plain view, so it does not draw attention. Recessed lighting is great to use during television watching, dining and more.

Dimmer Switches – You can install dimmer switches to your rooms so you can control how much light you want or need depending on the purpose. You can dim the lights for a romantic dinner, brighten the lights for cooking, and use medium lighting for television watching or much more. These lighting options are great for multiuse activities.

Accent Lighting – You can use accent lights to draw attention to a focal point in any room such as a wall feature like artwork or a fireplace. Accent lights include track lights, scones, spotlights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Task Lighting – Use task lighting to provide light for specific activities around the home. Common places to use task lighting include under cabinets, desks, above the stove, over a mirror, etc. Task lighting can make things a little easier.

Natural Lighting – Natural lighting has so many wonderful benefits and research has proved it. Natural lighting can increase occupant productivity, provide mental and visual stimulation and provide comfort that is necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms. Natural lighting options also create huge savings because you are saving on electricity. Overall, the available research shows that exposure to natural lighting will improve mood, satisfaction and productivity.

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