Moving Into a Multi-Generational Home in St. George

Multi-generationalBuying a multi-generational home is a strategy that is gaining traction among many Americans today, though it has actually been practiced for thousands of years as a solution to many of the challenges families face. We have seen an increasing number of buyers looking for houses for sale in St. George that can accommodate their desire to create a multi-generational home.

If this is something you are interested in pursuing, we can help. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a multi-generational household, what to look for in a home to accommodate your plans, and why St. George is an ideal location. Contact us any time to begin the search for your home in St. George.

Why a Multi-Generational Home?

Most people considering a multi-generational home are focused on either a financial need or an increased need for care. These are just some of the benefits of choosing to live in a multi-generational home. 

Shared Expenses

Multi-generational living allows families to share housing expenses, making homeownership more financially feasible. Shared mortgage payments, utilities, and maintenance costs contribute to economic stability for all generations involved. There are many diverse ways to divide the expenses, allowing you to come up with a plan that is mutually beneficial and fits your budget and needs. 

Mutual Support

Having multiple generations under one roof fosters a sense of mutual support and care. Older family members can provide childcare assistance, while younger generations can offer help with household tasks or provide companionship for elderly family members, for example. Even if there are no family members in need of regular care, even something as simple as sharing the load of housework or petsitting when some of the family is out of town become an easy way to lighten each others' loads. 

Enhanced Connection and Bond

Multi-generational living enhances social connections within the family. Grandparents, parents, and children have more opportunities for daily interactions, creating a strong sense of family unity and shared experiences.

Cultural Traditions

Multi-generational living facilitates the passing down of cultural traditions, values, and family stories. Older generations can actively contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, creating a rich tapestry of shared history.

Flexibility in Caregiving

In multi-generational homes, caregiving responsibilities can be shared among family members. This flexibility is particularly beneficial when caring for elderly family members, allowing for a more balanced and supportive caregiving structure. In most families, caregiving needs may fluctuate, and living together can make it easier to flux with the changing level of support required. 

Why St. George?

Even if you are already sold on the idea of living with multiple generations in the home, you need to identify the ideal location. Relocating to St. George might be the right fit, as it offers an ideal lifestyle for both older and younger generations.

Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

St. George's breathtaking red rock landscapes and warm climate make it an ideal location for an outdoor lifestyle. Families of all ages can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, and exploring the nearby national parks, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle.

Quality Healthcare

St. George offers quality healthcare services, including medical facilities and senior care options. Accessibility to healthcare resources is essential for older family members, and St. George provides comprehensive healthcare services to meet diverse needs.


St. George is home to reputable schools and educational institutions, offering diverse learning opportunities for younger generations. Quality education is a key consideration for families, and St. George provides a supportive environment for academic growth.

Diverse Real Estate

In St. George, you will find homes for sale in a wide range of price points. This makes it a potentially affordable place to find a larger home that will accommodate the needs of your multi-generational household. Whether you are looking for luxury real estate in a gated community, horse property, or just about anything else, we can help you find it here. 

Features to Look For in Your Multi-Generational Home

As you begin house hunting for your multi-generational home, consider these features that might need to be on your wish list. 

Separate Living Space

A well-designed multi-generational home should provide separate living spaces to afford each generation a degree of autonomy. Consider homes with attached but independent living quarters or those that allow for the addition of a guest house or casita.

Flexible Layouts

Multi-generational living often involves varied needs for living spaces. Seek homes with flexible layouts that allow for customization and adaptation. Spaces that can serve as home offices, playrooms, or additional bedrooms provide versatility to meet evolving family dynamics.


For older family members, accessibility features become crucial. Look for homes with features like single-level living, wider doorways, ramps, and grab bars in bathrooms. These elements enhance the safety and comfort of older family members. If the home you are considering is not accessible, take the cost to modify and renovate into consideration as you make your decision. 

Ready to find your multi-generational home for sale in St. George? Contact us any time. 

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