Myths About Choosing Your Place to Retire

Where to retireChoosing the place to retire is a significant life decision that involves various considerations, from the home itself to the location. However, amidst the excitement and anticipation of retirement, there are several myths that can influence decision-making. Dispelling these myths is crucial for retirees to make well-informed choices that align with their lifestyle, preferences, and long-term goals.

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As you look ahead to retiring, there are some common myths that might add unnecessary stress during the home buying process. If you are considering buying a home in St. George to retire, check out this list of myths about choosing where to retire. 

Myth: The Ideal Retirement Location is Always a Warm Climate

One prevalent myth is that the ideal retirement location must always have a warm climate. While many retirees are drawn to sunshine and mild temperatures, it's essential to recognize that preferences vary. Some retirees may prefer cooler climates, proximity to family, or specific recreational amenities that colder regions offer. 

St. George offers a mild four seasons climate. You will still get a cooler winter, but you can use your pool for many months out of the year and don't have to worry about major winter storms. If summer all year round isn't quite what you are looking for, but you are ready to spend your golden years away from lots of snow, St. George might be the right balance for you. 

Myth: Downsizing is the Only Option

There's a misconception that retiring means downsizing to a smaller home. While downsizing is a common choice, it's not the only option. Some retirees may choose to maintain a larger residence to accommodate visiting family or to pursue specific hobbies and interests. The key is to find a home that suits one's lifestyle and needs.

While a traditional active 55+ community and a small home might be your perfect fit, take some time to consider how you plan to spend your retirement years and make sure less square footage makes sense with that lifestyle. Some retirees find that this stage of life is actually a great time to buy a bigger home where they can entertain, host family for the holidays, and have space for hobbies. 

Myth: Your Hometown is the Best Choice

Assuming that retiring in your hometown is always the best choice is a myth. While hometown familiarity and connections may be comforting, retirees should also explore other locations that align with their preferences. The ideal retirement spot may be a new destination that offers unique amenities and a change of scenery.

To help you determine where you should retire, consider how you want to spend your time. If being close to family is a top priority, your hometown may be the right location. However, you may find that a location like St. George will be the perfect home base for outdoor recreation, year round golfing, hiking trips, or other ways you want to spend this season of your life. 

Myth: You Can't Afford to Retire in a Desirable Location

There's a myth that retirees can't afford to live in desirable locations. While some high-demand areas may have a higher cost of living, it's essential to explore various neighborhoods within those regions. Additionally, factors like home values and property taxes can influence affordability.

In St. George, there are certainly luxury homes with a higher price tag, but you will find homes for sale in a wide range of price points. There are active adult communities offering affordable homes, as well as opportunities to build a new construction home that fits your exact budget. 

Choosing the place to retire requires dispelling common myths and aligning your decisions with individual preferences and priorities. Ready to find your home for retirement in St. George? Contact us any time.

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