Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

If you are having trouble selling your home it could be that there are some obstacles you need to overcome for it to sell. Therefore, I have a few reasons that your home isn’t selling even though the housing market is back. So, if you are having bad luck in today’s housing market, take a look at what you might need to change.

Reasons your home isn’t selling

Priced too high – The number one reason why most homes don’t sell in 30 days is because they are priced too high. Many sellers are so emotionally attached to their homes that they just refuse to come of the asking price even when it’s needed the most.

Needs tender loving care – If your home needs a little TLC, go ahead and give it. You can do many small home improvements that cost little compared to your selling price. Splash on some new paint, do some heavy cleaning, spruce up the landscaping, fix any major repairs and you’ll be amazed at what people start offering.

Signs of damage – If your home has signs of damage like water or mold, get them fixed before you start showing your home. Water spots and mold are a huge turnoff most potential buyers. Water and mold make buyers very nervous, so they will move on to the next house.

Clutter & personal items – Your home should be clutter-free and all your personal items should be removed when showing your home. If you have too much stuff or too many personal items in your home, potential buyers will be turned off completely.

Inflexible – If you are still living in your home while showing it, are you flexible enough? Many homes don’t get sold fast enough because the homeowner is not flexible with their schedule. So, be open to anyone dropping by on the spur of the moment to take a look.

Insufficient advertising – Your home should be advertised everywhere. Your local real estate professional should have the means to advertise your home properly. With their help, you can get really good results. They have access to many online advertising methods as well as flyers, brochures, and other traditional advertising.

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