Scratch Prevention Tips for Hardwood Floors

If scratches are messing up your hardwood floors, I have just the tips for you. These tips will show you how to prevent scratching your hardwood floors and how to touch up your current scratches.

Scratch Prevention

Use rubber, cork or felt on the bottoms of your tables and chairs. This protects against daily wear and tear.

A business card or construction paper on all for legs of your chairs will help prevent scratching. Your furniture will move easily with this method.

Rubber tips for your chair legs are a cheap option for scratch prevention and they hold the furniture in place.

Sanding and oiling the bottoms to round them off will also help prevent scratching.

Sliders or gliders are very popular for moving furniture and protecting your hardwoods.

Moving Heavy Furniture

Place cotton towels beneath the legs of your furniture when moving heavy items. This will help them slide easily on hardwoods without scratching.

If on an area rug, use slider or gliders to move heavy furniture.

Repairing Scratches

Use scratch-removing spray for light and simple scratches.

Oils and finishes can be used to help cover small scratches.

Use wood patching if the scratch is past the finish.

Wood fillers and repairing chemicals can be used for deep scratches.

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