Should You Paint that Beautiful Brick on Your House?

Should You Paint that Beautiful Brick on Your House?Painting is a great way to change a look without remodeling it. While brick may be timeless and classic, sometimes you may want a fresh look for your home. But, should you paint brick? Some feel very strongly that it is a no-no. However, you have been wondering if it’s a good idea for you to do. Let’s talk about it here.

First of all, brick is timeless and classic! It is also known to be the strongest of builds to a home structure. Therefore, you want to keep it that way. Did you know that brick has to breathe in order to stay structured and strong? It is true! And if you paint it, it may break down the structure and start to weaken the brick. It keeps your home safe and protected and if it cannot breathe, it will begin to hold in moisture.

Holding moisture causes a different set of problems. It can lead to the brick eroding and breaking down, and once again making it possible to weaken the structure of your home. Paint on a brick surface does not last the same as on other surfaces. It can chip off or as the brick deterorrates, the paint will too, and it may make your home look less appealing. That would defeat the purpose of painting it!

Brick can be old-fashioned but it is a part of history. It can be hard to find brick homes these days so most likely your brick has survived some generations and that is pretty cool to keep around!

Lastly, it is not something you can just go back on once you’ve done it. You cannot un-paint it if you regret it. So, taking all of this information in, you decide on if painting your brick is the right thing for you to do.

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