Simple Checklist For Home Ownership

Simple Checklist For Home OwnershipThere are very few times in life that are considered monumental but buying a house is certainly one of them. From setting up utilities to trimming trees, this new homeowner checklist can put you on track for a long, successful stay in your new home.

Change the locks on the home

When you close on the house, you’ll receive the keys from the previous owners or from the building company that completed the home, if you bought a new construction property. One of the first things you should do is change all of the locks and have new keys made. There’s no way to be certain you’ve received every copy of the keys that was ever made, and as a safety precaution, it’s best to start fresh.

Set up your utilities 

You’ll want to find out exactly which utilities the house is hooked up to, call the utility providers, and make sure the service will be transferred to your name by your move-in date. The seller will include a list of all utility providers for the home when they accept your offer.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are major safety hazards in a home, so make sure to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be the difference between a fatal accident and a life saved if handled properly. If there are already detectors in the home when you take possession, test them to make sure they work.

Familiarize yourself with the property

Pay attention to the nuts and bolts of the house. Get to know where the circuit breaker is and which switches correspond to which rooms. Look for where the water shutoff valve is, and get a baseline understanding of how the various home systems work.

Emergency plan

Create an emergency preparedness plan. Part of responsible homeownership is being ready for anything. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency preparedness kit with food, water, medication, tools, and other essentials that you can access instantly in the event of a storm or evacuation. Make sure you have fire extinguishers where they are needed.

Focus on the priority tasks and take your to accomplish the items on your new homeowner checklist one a day at a time. You cant possibly tackle it all in one day and be patient with yourself as you get settled. It takes time, especially if you are moving from out of the area or out of state.

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