Smart Furniture Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

When it comes to home staging tips, many homeowners want smart tips that will help them sell their home faster. Even though the real estate economy has picked up and more homes are selling each day, we still need to make smart home selling decisions like staging your homes furniture in just the right way. Therefore, I have some tips that can help you along your home staging journey.

Home staging furniture tips

◊ Furniture arrangement – A large part of smart furniture staging is arranging the furniture strategically. You want the room to feel welcoming when all the furniture is staged, so you should keep things basic. To do this you want to choose a focal point in the room and arrange your furniture around it. While you want everything comfortably close, keep in mind pass through points of the room. You don’t want the furniture so close together that you can’t pass through or get around it.

◊ Mix it up – Mix up your furniture by various sizes of height, width and depth. You can add visual affects to any space with different sized pieces of furnishings. If you just want to keep a serene affect, you can always stick with furniture of the same volume in size.

◊ Create balance – Using a nice balance of furnishing pieces can create a pleasant atmosphere if you utilize the different qualities of furniture with various height, width and depth sizes. However, if you use pieces that are too much out of scale it can create an uncomfortable feel in the room.

◊ Keeping balance – Once you create your rooms balance, you want to stick with it. If you are going with symmetrical balance then stick with that. If you are going with asymmetrical balance, stick with that. Symmetry creates a restful feel, while asymmetry creates a feel of excitement or visual motion.

◊ Functionality – Functionality is very important when staging your furniture in a room. If you have a large rectangular space, you don’t want to put all the furniture on one end and leave the other end empty. Instead, show off the functionality of the space by creating two zones of function. If it’s a living room, you can use one end for the sofa and chairs, which creates a formal conversion zone and the other half can be used for dining room or a less formal area for relaxing like a reading area.

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