Smart Home Remodeling Projects for Your Money

Homeowners all around the nation are finding smart remodeling projects that are giving them the most bang for their buck. They are discovering that some of the top home improvement projects are also some of the least expensive projects that will also a good return on your investment.

Recently, a Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report showed that small-scale exterior projects were the most profitable when it came time to resale. According to the report, eight out of ten project funds were recouped when exterior projects costing less than $14,000 were performed.

Remodeling projects such as door replacement, siding replacement and wood deck additions all gave more than 80% of project costs upon resale. Just replacing an entry door with a steel door recouped 128.9% of costs. Upscale fiber-cement siding replacement recouped 83.6% of costs. Wood deck additions recouped 80.6% of costs.

The report really highlighted the importance of a home’s first impression and curb appeal. Giving your home great curb appeal with exterior projects will definitely add value to your home and have you selling quickly.

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Along with your exterior home remodeling projects, don’t forget about your interior needs as well. Decluttering your home, adding a fresh coat of paint, cleaning windows, adding fresh lighting, etc., will also help with the sale of your home.

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