Southern Utah’s Great Outdoor Adventures

If you like outdoor adventures, you’ll love all the adventures that Southern Utah has to offer.Whether you enjoy running, hiking, biking or exploring the great outdoors, Southern Utah is the best place to be.

Southern Utah’s Outdoor Adventures

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve – This 62,000 acre scenic wildlife reserve helps protect many of Southern Utah’s sensitive animals and plants. You can find the desert tortoise along with dozens of trails. And, camping sites are available for even more outdoor enjoyment.

ATV Trails – You will find hundreds of miles of trails for your ATV pleasure in the Hurricane Valley Trail system. It’s a great way to see many of Southern Utah’s features.

Jeep Wilderness Tours – Jeep tours are the perfect way to take in the breathtaking scenery of Southern Utah. The majestic formations of Zion National Park are an unforgettable site to see.

Running – If you’re a runner, come join the strong community of Southern Utah’s runners. The St. George Running Club meets on a regular basis for group runs, which help prepare for the famous St. George Marathon. You’ll find many interconnected paved trails that are ideal for running in Southern Utah.

St. George Trail System – The City of St. George, UT provides and extensive trail system with nearly 30 miles of paved trails. These trails tie St. George, UT to the Temple Quarry, the Virgin River and city parks.

Brian Head Ski Resort – This popular family getaway offers an affordable winter retreat. You’ll find several pipes and parks for snowboarders, a children’s camp for the little ones, and a complete winter sports school. You’ll even get to enjoy night skiing and snowtubing in the park.

Zion National Park – One of the most exquisite national parks is less than an hour from St. George. The area is perfect for leisurely walks, hiking, biking and tours offering some of the most amazing views.

St George Water Parks & Splash Pads – These places are quickly becoming the popular place to be to stay cool in the St. George, UT area. Each park provides its own theme for kids year round.

The fun doesn’t stop here, but the list is nearly endless. To find more Southern Utah adventures, visit:

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