Southern Utah’s Recreation, National Parks and Monuments

Now that fall is fast approaching in Southern Utah, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore all the natural wonders of Southern Utah’s great outdoors. Southern Utah offers many outdoor opportunities with national, recreational and monumental parks being a big part of the outdoor experience. Therefore, I have a list of several parks in the area and a short description of each one.

Southern Utah’s Parks:

Arches National Park – A red rock wonderland

At Arches National Park, you will discover an exquisite landscape with contrasting colors, textures and landforms unlike any other. This park is made up of over 2,000 natural stone arches, giant balanced rocks, soaring pinnacles and massive fins. This wonderland of red rock is sure to amaze and inspire you in your outdoor adventures.

Bryce Canyon National Park – Hoodoos and forest mixed together

Bryce Canyon is famous for its unique geology that is made up of several horseshoe shaped amphitheaters carved right into the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The colorful limestone rock of the Claoran Formation has been shaped into bizarre shapes by rain and frost. You will see amazing natural sights such as hoodoos, canyons, fins and windows.

Canyonlands National Park – A lifetime of exploration awaits you

Canyonlands National parks allows you to explore the wilderness of endless canyons that have been formed by the Colorado River. The park is divided into four districts by rivers; the Needles, the Island in the Sky, the Maze and the actual rivers. You’ll enjoy a primitive desert atmosphere and great sightseeing adventures.

Cedar Breaks National Monument – A spectacular view of deserts, forests, history, meadows, and rocky hoodoos at 10,000 feet

While there are many spectacular places in the Nation, few offer the spectacular view that you will find at Cedar Breaks. At this park, you can stand at 10,000 feet on the edge of a cliff while surrounded by flowering meadows and lush forests. You even get to look into a 2,500 feet deep desert amphitheater.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area – Lake Powel and much more

Glen Canyon encompasses over 1.2 million acres of unparalleled opportunities for backcountry recreation and water fun. Encompassing scenic vistas, a vast panorama of human history and geologic wonders, the park stretches for hundreds of miles for endless outdoor opportunities.

Grand Canyon National Park – Truly a grand place

The exciting and powerful landscape of the Grand Canyon will overwhelm your senses by its vast size. This park offers unique combinations of erosional forms and geologic colors. There is 277 miles of river that run through the canyon, some areas as much as 18 miles wide and one mile deep.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area – Recreation in spectacular scenery

For year-round recreational opportunities, Lake Mead is the place to by. You can enjoy boating, hiking, fishing, picnicking, sightseeing and photography. This area is home to thousands of desert animals and plants that have adapted to survive this extreme desert climate.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument – A rainbow turned to stone

The world’s largest natural bridge is the Rainbow Bridge. Its span has inspired people from around the world for many years. An estimated 300,000 people visit the bridge on an annual basis.

Zion National Park – Utah’s first national park

Walk where the ancient pioneers and native people once walked as you gape up at the massive sandstone cliffs of red, pink and soft cream colors that soar into the sky. If you are courageous, visit a narrow slot canyon. If not, then there is still plenty of fun with the area’s natural plants and animals that will enchant you as you enjoy the areas rich history and adventures of present day fun.

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