St. George, UT’s Most Popular Tennis Center

If you’re looking for a popular place to play tennis in St. George, UT, then the Tonaquint Tennis Center is the place to be. Whether you are competitive or playing for fun, the Tonaquint Tennis Center is the most popular place in town. The center boasts eight high quality tennis courts that are perfect for day or night. There is even a championship court and shaded areas for viewing. The Tonaquint is where everyone wants to play when it comes to tennis. It’s the perfect place to make tennis friends and find great partners.

Since 2009, tennis professionals hired by the City of St. George have been giving lessons and adding tournaments under the supervision of the City Recreation Division. The focus of the city tennis program has been to help develop youth tennis programs that are affordable for families and to help enhance the existing adult program. Now, the Tonaquint Tennis Center is open to beginning players, advanced players and the occasional player every day.

The Tonaquint Tennis Center has seen an enormous amount of growth in the 10 and under program, the youth program, leagues and the adult clinics since the center offers such a wide variety of tennis programs. Free cardio tennis is another plus that can be enjoyed at the center.

So, if you live in St. George, UT or are looking to relocate to St. George, check out the Tonaquint Tennis Center. They also have free clinics for school groups and adult lessons. It’s their way of making tennis accessible to everyone in the St. George community. For more information about the Tonaquint Tennis Center you can call (435) 703-1146.

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