Super Clever Storage Ideas

When you need to combat the clutter from household items I have some super clever storage ideas that are perfect for every home. If you have household items stuffed in drawers and cabinets, you will find these ideas extremely interesting. These ideas are also great money saving ideas.

Clever ways to store your household clutter

Jewelry Boxes – Those strong cardboard boxes that your jewelry comes in are great storage savers. Group these boxes of all sizes and put them in a drawer. You can use paper clips to hold the boxes together or leave them loose. Fill these little boxes with jewelry, hair bows, glasses, keys, change, pens, makeup and more.

Glass Jars – If you love crafting but all your craft supplies are scattered around, you can use glass jars to solve your problem. This quick and simple trick can be used with any glass jar and a wooden table. You simply glue the glass jar lid to the bottom of the wood table. Fill each jar with your small craft supplies then screw the jar onto the lid.

Shower Curtain Hooks – Many of us have old shower curtain hooks stuffed away in a draw somewhere. You can use these hooks in your closets to hang hand bags, scarves and belts.

Empty Tissue Box – These boxes are perfect for holding plastic grocery sacks that you want to save and reuse. Just stuff the empty boxes with the bags and store in a drawer, a cabinet or leave on a countertop.

Neck Tie Holder – If you have several necklaces, you can use inexpensive necktie holders to hold them. They will hold several necklaces at once.

Candle Holders – Instead of throwing out your votive candle holders, recycle them by using them for holding toothpicks, loose keys, bobby pins, paper clips, or even small food items.

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