Surprising Items in Your Home You Should Not Disinfect

Surprising Items in Your Home You Should Not Disinfect

Nobody likes a messy home, especially now that we all hang out there more often. Though we do our best to keep our homes clean and healthy by cleaning and disinfecting, there are actually some things we do not need to worry about disinfecting. A simple clean up will do.  

Here are some surprising items in our homes we do not need to disinfect. 


Chemicals in disinfecting cleaners are too harsh on the delicate metals and stones in jewelry. Hand sanitizer can be harmful to fine jewelry and it is recommended if you are in a situation where you need to use hand sanitizer frequently to not wear rings, bracelets, and watches. If you use hand sanitizer occasionally these items should be removed before application.  

The Car 

This one comes as a bit of a shock to many people. With the amount of time we spend in our car and it being the first place we go to after being out in society around people who may have an illness.  

There are several different cleaners used in auto detailing and this is because it is not hard to damage the interior finishes in your car by using the wrong cleaners. Don’t use harsh cleaning wipes on the inside of your car instead pick up a cleaner formulated for each cleaning task.  

Natural Stone 

It is tempting to just go crazy on those kitchen countertops because they are used several times a day and they come in contact with our food that ends up on the inside of our bodies. Natural stone is a durable quality countertop choice, but it should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals. It is crucial to only use cleaners that are made for natural stone. You do not want to risk etching or permanently scratching your beautiful counters.  Here’s how to clean natural stone


Both finished and unfinished wood surfaces should not be cleaned with harsh disinfectants. To keep wood surfaces clean use a woodsafe cleaner. To clean a wood cutting board some simple lemon and salt will help do the trick.  


Most disinfectant cleaners contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the natural moisture out of leather causing it to look dry, filmy/chalky, and worn out. If you use enough alcohol on leather it can cause it to get crumbly and even tear.  

Leather is best cleaned with a soapy solution of 1-quart water and a few drops of gentle baby wash. Make sure to rinse all soap residue with clean water after washing.  

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Eye Glasses 

The safety warnings on disinfectants usually state to keep them out of your eyes. This means it is not the best idea to clean your glasses with them. To get germs off of glasses wash them with a few drops of handwashing dish soap, rinse, and dry with a microfiber cloth. Of course, you can always use spray or wipes made just to clean glasses as well.  

Disinfecting certain areas of our homes is important, but it is also important not to damage items in our homes by over cleaning them. Stay tuned to my blog for more home improvement tips.


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