The 2015 Kitchen Trends You Will Want

In the past, kitchen trends were set with stylish cabinets, granite countertops and backsplash. However, the future in kitchen trends is moving toward a warm and inviting feel. Since we spend a large amount of time in the kitchen for cooking and eating and sometimes lounging, it is becoming trendy to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible. Now, you will find homes that boast textured surfaces, unique lighting, distinctive details and much more. So, if you are wanting to hop on the kitchen trend band wagon, I have some trends you just may be interested.

2015 Kitchen Trends

Green trends – This literal green trend is showing up in kitchens everywhere with sage, olive and mint colored cabinets. This look offers a warm feel to your modern home and culinary space. It’s also stylish, sophisticated and slightly country.

Copper Trends – Copper is now by passing the brass trend. You will now find copper colored hardware, faucets, lighting and more for your kitchen. This is also a trend that won’t be going anywhere for quite a while. When you add copper accents to your kitchen, you add a unique and warm look. Copper also pairs with chrome and brass wonderfully. If you want to be really bold, you can buy a copper clad stove to make your kitchen really pop. Classic copper pots and pans complete the look.

Lighting Trends – Don’t be afraid to switch out your lighting fixtures for a more glamorous touch in the kitchen. Try a crystal chandelier that will transform your space with its glimmering pendants. It’s an unexpected look that is growing is popularity.

Furniture Trends – Since many families spend so much time in the kitchen, you will find furniture that’s more fitting for the outdoors. This comfortable type seating is a great alternative to dining chairs and they give your guests a place to lounge a little longer.

Marble Trends – Marble is a popular choice that is growing for counters, walls, and flooring. This is a dramatic affect once installed. The unique veins and beautiful colors add that texture that is perfect for any kitchen space. If you want dramatic and chic, try marble.

Metallic Trends – If you want a glamorous kitchen that people can’t take their eyes off of, try metallic. You can buy metallic to cover your kitchen island, cabinets, countertops and more. You can choose sheets of stainless steel and brass for a really sophisticated look that is very fashionable. If you pair it with marble, it is even more luxurious looking.

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