The Attraction of Homes and Walkabitilty

There is a certain attraction when it comes to homes and walkability. Many potential buyers are looking for major walkability within the cities they are relocating to. Even the Wall Street Journal has noted that walkability is more closely tied to a home’s location than the culture of the surrounding area. When it comes to walkability, residents can spend less time in traffic and more time with their families, spending time with friends, on trips, shopping or just relaxing.

If you are interested in buying a home, you can get a sense of the walkability by testing it out yourself. You can find more information for the general area, learn about the local transportation, and learn what the commuting system is like. This will give you the best sense of what your potential homes area will hold.

Many buyers get so focused on the home itself that they overlook what’s around them. Therefore, by taking the time to walk around the surrounding area, you will know what it will be like to run common errands, go grocery shopping, or even how busy traffic will be.

When it comes to selling a home, walkability can be very important for the potential buyer. Many prospective buyers want to know that it will only take minutes to reach restaurants, shopping, public transportation, recreation and other areas of town. And, home’s in neighborhoods where there is great walkability will retain their value better.

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