The Best Ice Fishing Right Here in Utah

The state of Utah provides some of the best ice fishing in the entire country, in many fishermen’s opinions. There is a much wider variety and quality of fish that you can catch here than many other places around the nation. Therefore, I have compiled a list of what fish and what lakes you can find the best ice fishing.

Ice fishing in Utah – fish types and lakes to find them:

Bluegill – large bluegill can be found in Steinaker Reservoir and Pelican Lake. Smaller bluegill can be found in abundance at Mantua Reservoir.

Yellow Perch – find large perch in Hyrum Reservoir, Fish Lake and Rockport Reservoir. An abundance of smaller perch can be found in Mantua Reservoir, Starvation Reservoir, and Pineview Reservoir. Catching fish at Pineview is one of the easiest places to catch fish.

Lake Trout – you can catch really big lake trout at Fish Lake and Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Brown, Tiger, Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout – you will find a lot of big trout and many of them at Strawberry Reservoir. Scofield Reservoir is good for big tiger trout. You can also find good catches at Steinaker Reservoir, East Canyon Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir, Starvation Reservoir and Birch Creek Reservoir.

Burbot – the Flaming Gorge Reservoir is the best place to find Burbot.

Largemouth Bass – some of the biggest and best Largemouth Bass can be found at Mantua Reservoir and Pelican Lake.

White Bass – Utah Lake is one of the best places to find White Bass. They do well until mid January.

Kokanee Salmon – the best places to find Kokanee Salmon is at Porcupine Reservoir and Causey Reservoir.

Crappie – crappie can be hard to catch, but go to Pineview Reservoir and try different depths until you catch one. Once you catch one, keep fishing at the depth for more.

When fishing in Utah, you will find that winter can be the most fruitful and pleasurable time of the year. It is also known as the cheapest time of the year to fish.

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