The Emotional Process of Selling Your St George Home

The Emotional Process of Selling Your St George HomeIt is time for you to sell your home and move on to a new place. That is so exciting, and there are a lot of feelings that come with that process. No matter how ready you think you are, you will find yourself going through emotions you maybe weren’t expecting to feel. I am here to tell you, that it is okay! It is actually normal to process certain feelings during selling your home. After all, it is a lot of change. So, what feelings should you expect to go through?

The Before and During Your Home Sells Emotions:

  1. Of course, you will feel excited! Maybe this move means an upgrade in home for you. Maybe you are moving into your dream home! Wahoo!
  2. You will definitely feel anxiety about listing your home on the market. It is normal to worry about it selling and if it will sell fast enough for your time frame.
  3. You will feel satisfaction and a sense of pride once your home is all perfect looking for listing. It may be the cleanest and most organized during this process than it ever was while you lived there!
  4. If you are presented with a low offer as your first offer, it will be a bummer. Therefore, you will feel pretty disappointed in that.
  5. Once you get to the point of accepting an offer, you will fee excited again and happy!
  6. After your home is under contract, you will anxiously await the appraisal to come back in at the right price. It is completely normal to worry about this part of the process. The appraisal is important and can be a deal breaker.

The Post-Closing Feelings

  1. Once your home is sold, it will feel like a huge sigh of relief. Reassurance that the process is done and a weight is off of your shoulders.
  2. Now that the home has sold, you may find yourself in some grief. You make memories in any home you live in. What were your memories here? Can you believe you are moving on from that?
  3. However, your grief should quickly fade as you know you are moving on to bigger things and are going to make more important memories in your new home. Oh joy!

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